Raptors Athletics

Fall/Winter Athletics: Basketball
Information is below for Middle School Basketball. (E2 basketball schedule and information coming soon. E2 season begins November 28.)


Middle School Basketball Schedule

Start Date:  Wednesday, November 2nd

Tentative End of Season Tournament Date: Thursday, February 16th

Tentative Team Party/Parent vs. Student Game: Thursday, February 23rd

Basketball days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - we will have a game or a practice on these days every week. There will be no practices or games on scheduled days off of school. See below for practice times:

PRACTICES 11/2-11/17  will be from 3:30-5:30pm

PRACTICES 11/28-end of season will depend on registration

Pick up should be planned no later than 15 minutes after practice. 

We have multiple games scheduled against league coed teams, we will have our middle school girls and boys come together for these games.

The full schedule will be posted on the Ratner school calendar and on the Ratner Raptors TeamApp page (see below).


See information in registration confirmation email.


Buses will be provided to and from most games. Information for pickup after games will be provided via TeamApp (see below).

Games @ Mandel JDS, Fuchs Mizrachi and Gross Schechter School will require PARENT DRIVERS.

Elementary 2 Basketball (Girls and Boys)

Thank you for signing your student up to be a part of the Ratner Raptors Elementary 2 Basketball  program.  We are excited to get the season underway.  Below is information you will need for the season:




Start Date:  Monday, November 28th

Tentative End of Season Tournament Date: Sunday, March 6th

Tentative Team Party/Parent vs. Student Game: Monday, March 7th


Basketball Practice days are Monday, Wednesday. There will be the occasional Thursday practice if we miss a Monday or Wednesday practice. There will be no practices or games on scheduled days off of school. Practice times will depend on registration.

Pick up should be planned no later than 15 minutes after practice. 


Basketball Game days ARE SUNDAYS @ Ratner. Times will depend on registration. Basketball league games will begin Sunday, January 8th.


The full schedule will be posted on the Ratner school calendar and on the Ratner Raptors TeamApp page (see below) once available.

If registration allow, we plan to offer 3 E2 teams this year:

  1. Elementary 2 Girls
  2. 5th-6th grade Boys
  3. 4th-5th grade - Coed (instructional league)

4th-5th Students may be asked to play on 2 of these teams to help with numbers and gain experience. Most Sunday games for these students will be back-to-back. 

Communication will be sent after the first week of practice with official team rosters



Students should be prepared with the following for ALL PRACTICES:

  1. athletic shorts
  2. White T-Shirt (or color decided on by the team during the first week of practice)
  3. Athletic shoes (High-ankle basketball shoes are recommended). 
  4. refillable water bottle
Students will be supplied a jersey and shorts for the season. The jerseys should be returned after each game to be washed at the school and ready for the next game. Uniforms will need to be returned at the end of the season


We will be using "TeamApp" for schedules and updates. This will be MANDATORY for each family TeamApp can be accessed by either downloading the app to any smart phone or by logging into the website via the internet. This will allow all communication, details and updates to be focused in one place. All information you will need will be on the Ratner Raptor TeamApp page. 

TeamApp Features

Updates- all location, time and date changes will be made available. Also, ETA's for return trips will be posted here. 

Schedule: game and practice schedules are posted.

Live Scores: our team manager (if available) will be live texting the game. If you cannot make a game but still would like to know what is going on, you will be able to read the game information as it is happening!

Gallery: pictures and videos from most games will be posted here

Chat: if you need to reach out to another parent, coach, or student you may choose to send messages here. Only members given access to the group may see/read these messages

Player Profiles: a short bio for each player will be available


Parents must request access to the group to be approved by either Coach. Please choose the appropriate group (soccer parents, supporters, soccer players).

Only members with approved access requests will be able to view updates, gallery, and live scores

Turn notifications for updates ON. If you do not, it is likely you will miss return ETAs for away games. By turning notifications on you will have these updates "pushed" as a message to your phone or computer. If you provide an email, all updates will also be sent as an email.

Steps to access the TeamApp:

  1. download TeamApp from the app store or visit www.teamapp.com
  2. register for TeamApp, please provide name, phone number and email address
  3. click the "find a teamapp" icon
  4. search "Ratner Raptors Athletics"
  5. request access for the "soccer parents" group

Once your request has been approved you will fully be able to use the Ratner Raptor Athletics page.

This will centralize all information and it is important to iterate that this will be the main line of communication.  
ALL basketball communication will be sent through TeamApp.