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2021 annual fund



Ratner Montessori School’s Annual Fund for Creative Learning: Build a Bridge
The Pink Tower, Brown Stair, Golden Beads, Movable Alphabet, Red Rods, Land and Water Forms, Classification Cards, Binomial Cube … Montessori materials like these help students Build a Bridge from concrete to abstract concepts and from fundamental to advanced skills. At Ratner Montessori School, we strive to Build a Bridge from the Toddler years through Middle School and beyond by making connections across the curriculum, educating the whole child, and fostering diversity. The theme Build a Bridge represents our connections—the commitment of all our community in providing excellence in education and support for all students, through a focus on the following areas:

Scholarship Assistance: Give to this focus area to Build a Bridge for students and families in need to benefit from the Ratner Montessori difference.

Peace and Diversity Curriculum: Give to this focus area to Build a Bridge to a stronger community, prepared to support a just and equitable world.  

Co-Curricular Programs: Give to this focus area to Build a Bridge to well-rounded content by extending and enriching student learning in Physical Education, Visual Arts/STEAM, Music, and Jewish Studies.

When you give to Ratner Montessori School’s Annual Fund for Creative Learning, you Build a Bridge that connects students with the community, fills the gap between tuition and expenses and continues the growth of our Montessori curriculum. Your donation helps students Build a Bridge to a bright, successful future.

Build a Bridge Challenge

For Students and Families: Students and families are invited to participate in the Build a Bridge Challenge by constructing a bridge at home and bringing it to school!



  • Build a bridge out of any common household, nature, or craft materials (i.e., sticks, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, straws, paper, pipe cleaners, clay/Playdough, etc.). Tape and glue are permitted. Toys, kits, and food are NOT permitted (NO Legos, Magnatiles, Erector sets, building block toys, marshmallows, etc.).
  • For students in Toddler through Kindergarten, family members are welcome to assist students in design and building; make it a fun family project! For students in Grades 1 through 8, family members may assist students in procuring materials and design, but the student must construct the bridge by themselves. 
  • Researching bridge types, construction, and design is encouraged! Visit the library or search online to get ideas!
  • One entry per student.
  • All bridges must be no larger than 2’x2’x2’. Mounting the bridge on a piece of cardboard is recommended (but not required) for easy transport.
  • The student must name the bridge. Be creative (and school-appropriate)!
  • All bridges will be displayed at school in the lobby, and we will be sharing photos.
  • Deadline for entry is December 6, 2021, at 3:45 pm. Bridges may be brought to school anytime between now and then and will be on display. Turn bridges into the Main Office.


Awards (to be determined the week of December 6, 2021):
All students who build a bridge will be given a certificate. One bridge per classroom will be awarded a purple ribbon for going “Above and Beyond” (judged on design, creativity, and construction). Each of these bridges will be eligible for the “Highest Honors” award in their school division (Toddler­-Kindergarten; Grades 1-8), and the winners will receive a special surprise!

Students who wish to participate in the Build a Bridge Challenge but don’t have time to make a bridge at home are encouraged to register for our after school “Themed Thursday” on December 2! (Please register by November 22 so we can procure materials.)


For Donors, Friends, and Families: Donors, friends, and families are invited to participate in the Build a Bridge Challenge by making a charitable contribution to the Ratner Montessori Annual Fund! Did you know that nearby Ashtabula County is home to 19 covered bridges? You can plan a fun excursion to see these beautiful and interesting bridges and maybe check out some of Ohio's regional wineries with this prize package!


Bridge Getaway Prize Package includes:

How do I enter? 

  1. Make a donation to Ratner's Annual Fund of $25 or more in the month of November, and you'll get to be a sponsor for a student-constructed bridge.
  2. Then, build a bridge to another donor: Do you have a friend, family member, colleague, associate, or connection who might be willing to give to our Annual Fund this year? Please reach out to them and share what a great cause this is! Giving online is easy at this link. If they give $25 or more this month, you'll be entered into the drawing.
  3. OR, acquire a matching gift from your employer. To check if your employer offers matching gifts, contact your HR representative, or try using this online tool.

Winner will be announced the week of December 6, 2021!


For updates on our Build a Bridge Challenge, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and remember to post photos and tag us as you are building your bridges!


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