Ratner Montessori School: A Community of Belonging

Since 1963, Ratner Montessori School has welcomed students from all backgrounds and ways of life through its front doors. The Ratner Montessori School Annual Fund provides vital financial support to help our community of students, faculty, staff, and parents to find joy in learning and to become their best selves. Please join us in celebrating this work by giving what you can to the Ratner Montessori School Annual Fund!

Your gift to Ratner Montessori School enables students to:

Learn and grow in a welcoming environment. Ratner Montessori students find their own self-worth while accepting and embracing those whose ideas and paths are different from their own.

Seek ways to use what they learn to help make a better world by giving back to the local and broader community and those around them who are in need.

Awaken their commitment to protect and regenerate the earth that sustains their community.                            


Our dream is that everyone connected to The Ratner Montessori School will come together to honor the impact the school makes in the lives of our students and feel empowered to participate in creating and sustaining a community of belonging.

Support the Annual Fund here:

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An increasingly popular charitable vehicle, DAFs are an excellent way to both simplify your charitable giving and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals.


Give a Gift of Stock

To make a gift of stock or other security, call us at 216 464 0033 for the necessary account information.


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To make a gift through an IRA rollover, call us at 216 464 0033.


Consider the School in Your Planned Giving

Help us continue our legacy of meeting each child where he/she is by including us in your legacy. For more information, call us at 216 464 0033.