Literacy for All Program

The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Literacy for All program is a reading intervention program at Ratner Montessori School that is focused on developing strong readers in terms of phonemic awareness, fluency, and reading comprehension. Utilizing the Wilson Reading System, we have initiated a new reading curriculum that integrates within our Montessori curriculum and coupled it with Mindfulness to help develop executive functioning skills. The development of this program was generously funded by a four-year grant from the Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation.


What is Wilson Reading? 

The Wilson Reading System has been providing tools in prevention, early intervention, direct instruction, and intensive interventions since 1988.  They began with an intensive intervention program, Wilson Language System, but soon learned that early intervention and instruction was the key to helping students.  Fundations, a Wilson product, was introduced in 2002. With more than ten years of data from school districts experiencing the Wilson Reading System, Fundations was created.  It is a research-based program designed to bring explicit, cumulative, systematic, and multisensory reading instruction to K-3 general education classrooms.  


At Ratner, we are implementing Fundations as both a prevention and intervention for our Kindergarten and Elementary I students. Next year, we will be adding Wilson’s Just Words instruction for grades 4-8. Just Words is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in these grades who have mild to moderate gaps in their decoding and spelling proficiency but do not require intensive intervention.


To learn more about The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Literacy for All Program, call us at 216-464-0033.


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