Elementary II (Grades 4 - 6)

Ratner’s Montessori Elementary II program for children ages 9-12 in Grades 4, 5, and 6 encourages the child’s growth as both an individual and responsible, productive member of society. The curriculum expands the child’s awareness of themselves and their place in society and the world through interest- and discovery-based learning and research across academic disciplines, including reading; creative and expository writing; mathematics; science; history and global studies. Elementary II students also enjoy physical education, art, music, technology, Spanish, and (optional) Jewish Studies. The three-year cycle develops bonds between the teachers and students, as well as the child’s potential for learning and leadership. The Montessori approach enhances the child’s executive functioning skills, such as responsibility, ownership, time management, organization, and goal-setting, building a strong foundation for how to be a life-long learner.