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Elementary 1 Spring 2023 Sports Club

E1 Sports Club is open to students in Grades 1, 2, and 3


Instructor: Dominic Ianiro

Day/Time: 3:30-4:30pm, mostly Fridays, with 3 Thursdays due to school days off: April: 14,21,27  May:5,12,19,25  June: 1

Total Club Meetings: 8

Start Date: 4/14/23

End Date:  6/1/23


Description: Elementary 1 Spring Sports Club is a general introduction to ultimate frisbee, lacrosse and softball/baseball. Our primary focus for the 1st half of the session will be ultimate frisbee. Games and activities will be designed to build disc skills, playing disc golf to learn throwing techniques. We will play full games of ultimate ball to reinforce the rules and format of team ultimate. The 2nd half of the session will be focused on lacrosse and softball/baseball; students will have a chance to choose which sport they would like to learn more about. We will introduce students to fundamental skills of each sport along with basic gameplay. 


Example Day

3:30-3:35 - Snack and Changing Time

3:35-3:50 - Stretching/ General Strength and Conditioning or Skill Drills

3:50-4:25 - Skill Games and Team Games

4:25-4:30 - Clean-up and Dismissal

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Price: $100.00
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