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Running Club for E1 and E2 Spring 2023

Running Club is open to Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 students.


Instructor: Evey Steiger

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:30pm

Total Club Meetings: 8

Start Date: 4/4/22

End Date:  5/30/22


Description:  If your student is interested in running, this club is for you! Coach Evey will be providing a general introduction to both short and long-distance running. Games and activities will be designed to build confidence in running skills while enforcing the importance of staying fit while having fun with friends. On the last day of the session, students will compete in an on-campus 1-mile race!


Example Day

3:30-3:35 -Snack and Changing Time

3:35-3:45 - Warm-Ups/Stretching

3:45-3:55 - General Strength Building (Agility Ladders, Speed Parachutes, etc.)

3:55-4:15 - Challenges, Races, and Running Games

4:15-4:30 - Event Training and Skill-Based Activities

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Price: $100.00
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