Lunch Program


Ratner's lunch program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 safety precautions. We hope to resume offering a lunch program in the near future.



Due to the severity of nut allergies that exists in our student body, Ratner maintains a nut-free school. The bullet points listed below provide details and suggestions on how we can all work together to keep our food environment safe for all of our students:

  • Packed lunches must exclude all nut products, both peanut and tree nuts.
  • Nut butter alternatives include Sunbutter which is made from sunflower seeds. When packing this alternative, please label as sunflower butter.
  • In the event a butter-type sandwich is not identified as a nut alternative, staff is authorized to remove the sandwich and provide your child with a Sunbutter sandwich option from our kitchen. If those steps are taken, staff will notify the parent by phone or email.
  • Please be aware when packing snack items or side dishes such as granola bars, trail mix, cookies and breakfast bars. Please review ingredients to insure snacks you are sending to school with your child are nut free.
  • In the event a snack item is found to have nuts, staff is authorized to remove the snack, and provide your child with a nut-free snack alternative including fruit or crackers.
  • When sending in snacks to share for bake sales or birthday celebrations, be sure to review labels or ingredients to exclude nut products.
  • Hot lunches from Ratner are nut-free.

The internet offers great resources for identifying nut-free lunch items and snacks. Feel free to browse or even log on to: for new lunch ideas.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation and attention to our nut-free policy.