Kaleidoscope Gala Classroom Horse Sponsorships

To support this year’s Derby-themed Gala, each grade level at Ratner decorated a class horse under the direction of Ratner’s art teacher, Patti Fields. Each classroom’s horse was named by the students, and they are now ready to race!


Stay tuned each week for updates on each horse’s progress! (The graphic below will be updated on Fridays). A gallery with large photos of each horse can be found below.




1)    Donate money to sponsor a horse. Donations start at $5. Donate $20 or more and be entered to win tickets to the Gala!


2)    Help us meet our goal of $1,200, and the whole school will receive a special field day featuring an ice cream truck from East Coast Custard!


3)    Donate $20 or more and your name will be entered into a raffle to win two tickets to this year’s Gala! If your name is drawn, the student who asked for your sponsorship wins a Sphero Bolt.


4)    Spread the word! Aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and neighbors can donate and support our school.



Sponsor in person: All payments, including credit cards, can be delivered to Rebecca Bash, in office #123 or left in her mailbox in the front office. Please be sure to include your name, student’s room number, and horse’s name.


Sponsor online: Sponsor a horse through an online payment by visiting our Giving Page and making a donation through PayPal. Please include your name and the student’s name in the Instructions box.


Winners of the raffle will be notified on April 30 and total sponsor results will be announced on May 2nd.