Donor Honor Roll

Thank you for Making a Difference!

The motto “Make a Difference” represents the commitment of all our community in providing excellence in education and support for all students. Because there is no “one size fits all approach” to education, your gift supports many inspiring parts of our learning community. Important areas that we are focusing on this year to continue the growth of our Montessori Curriculum and overall programming at Ratner Montessori School include:


  • Diversity/Peace Program
  • Visual Arts
  • Music Program
  • Physical Education/Athletics
  • Jewish Studies
  • Science and STEM
  • COVID Response  


Most importantly, the Fund for Creative Learning helps us stay true to our mission to empower students to find joy in learning and to become their best selves.


Circle Society ($10,000 and Up)

Richard^ & Doreen Cahoon

Margaret Cohen^ & Kevin Rahilly

Albert & Audrey Ratner

Tawny Ratner

Charles & Ilana Horowitz Ratner

Mark & Nancy Ratner

Susan & James Ratner

Ronald & Deborah Ratner


Director's Club ($5,000 - &9,999)

Richard^ & Doreen Cahoon in honor of Shabree Adair

Dan^ & Marci Ungar


Benefactor ($2,500 - $4,999)


Michael Griffith

Mark Tepsich^


Patron ($1,000 - $2,499)

Lawrence & Marilyn Blaustein

Tracy Carter in memory of Tenai Moore

Peter & Sunnie Hellman in memory of Garrett Hellman

Susie & Peter Meisel

Stefan Strein & Kevin Jordan

Sarah Mowry & Paul Poommipanit

Albert & Audrey Ratner in honor of Family & Friends this 2020 Holiday Season

Emilie Unkrich^





Supporter ($500 - $999)

Meghan & Trenton Brown

Sheldon & Bonnie Guren

Karen & Douglas Katz

Aaron & Lindsay Miller in honor of Barbara & Abraham Miller

John and Susanne Rahilly

Jon Statler

Gene Troiano & Valerie Smolik-Troiano

Matthew & Melanie Weil


Friend ($250 - $499)

Jessica Cahoon & Scott Adair in honor of Shabree Adair

Mary & Treg Balding

Jenni and Anna Ferro

Mara & Patrick Garcia

Randi Gottlieb

Sybil Greenberg in honor of Audrey & Albert Ratner

Rochelle & Harley Gross

Mark & Ellen Hoffman/Louis & Sylvia Rosemblum Memorial Fund

Donna Prots

Junior Ratner Club, Susan Yarus Meisel

Barbara & Stephen Rudolph

Jennifer Lehker & Philip Shook

Billy & Sandra Souther in honor of Keely Souther

Steven Strang & Melissa Kline

Molly & David Urban


Contributor (up to $249)

Tim Beckette

Linda Bloomfield in honor of Elias & Dylan Richardson

Jim & Andy Cantwell

Nadia Vinogradov & Rick Carek

Jennifer Cenkus

Jeffrey Chaitoff & Margo Vinney

Lisa Chuppa

Meg Cull

Julius Davis

Akshat Dubey & Vaishali Shetty

Emily Hazzard & Stefan Dupont

David Goodman

Marian Hazzard in memory of Edmund Hazzard

Karen & Martin Hiller

Patti Fields & Ray Juaire

Daniel Kalleres & Bruce Contino

Mandy Walden & Jeff Lachina

Peter Liu & Jennifer Kozak

Amy Stephens & Robert Perry in honor of Paige & Brooke Perry

Yana Katsevich & Alan Rosca

Carmen Ruffin

Terri Stahl

Evey Steiger

Howard & Terri Steindler

Rabbi Allison and Charlie Vann

Virginia Wagh



Owens-Illinois Charitable Foundation

The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation


^denotes current board member