School Counseling

At The Ratner School, we provide school counseling services that fulfill the American School Counseling Association’s domains in academic, personal/social, and career development.

• Individual School Counseling
• Group School Counseling
• School-Wide Programming
• Parent Consultation and Referral
• Teacher Coaching
• Classroom Guidance Instruction and Education

Individual School Counseling
• Consists of two or more individual sessions with School Counselor
• Sessions are 20 minutes to 1 hour in length
• A confidential relationship
• Support for students who are struggling emotionally, personally, or socially

Group School Counseling
• Consists of three or more students who struggle with the same concern that may benefit from learning from others within a group.
• May last from 20 minutes to 1 hour in length.
• Examples of group counseling topics may include: study and organizational skills, self-esteem, grief, divorce, relationship and friendship skills.

School-Wide Programming
• The School Counselor collaborates with the Ratner staff, parents, and students to implement school-wide programs that benefit the Ratner community as a whole, to foster a climate that promotes Ratner’s core values.

Parent Consultation, Support, and Referrals
• The School Counselor is an advocate for the parent and for the school, to help and support parents whose children may have Learning Plans, IEPS, or are in need of extra assistance, strategies, and interventions to support their child at school. The School Counselor collaborates with other school and community professionals to design strategies to enhance student development. If your child needs further support, the School Counselor has additional resources to refer you to.

Teacher Coaching
• The School Counselor supports teachers who have students that may struggle academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or socially.

Classroom Guidance Instruction and Education
• Classroom-wide instruction to instill and teach the children Ratner’s core values, to help them to further contribute to the school-wide community.


Kate Nagy holds a Master’s degree of Education in School Counseling from John Carroll University and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Kent State University. Kate comes to Ratner with experience in counseling, case management, and special education intervention for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Kate's office at Ratner features a "Calming Corner" - a tranquil spot for anyone needing a quiet moment.
Kate’s office at Ratner features a “Calming Corner” – a tranquil spot for anyone needing a quiet moment.

For more information about Ratner’s School Counseling services, please contact Kate Nagy, School Counselor: 216 464 0033 x 2220,