Student Support

Every student can succeed – every student can thrive. We know this. We know that in order for students to thrive the School must understand them as learners, respect them as people, and commit the resources necessary to support them throughout their education. The curriculum at The Ratner School is designed to enable multiple points of entry, and to allow for students to progress through it at differing rates. Our faculty design units and projects that can challenge students in different ways and at different levels.

To help students achieve their full academic potential, we also rely on the work of our amazing Learning Support Team, comprised of:

  • Dedicated Learning Specialist in Primary
  • Dedicated Learning Specialist in Middle School
  • Speech and Language Pathologist on staff
  • Consulting Psychologist on staff
  • School Counselor on staff

The members of the team work with teachers and the School’s administration to:

  • Review all educational diagnostic testing to make sure the School has a clear understanding of every student’s needs and abilities.
  • Provide testing if there are gaps we perceive in existing testing.
  • Create a Ratner Learning Plan for every student who needs one. These plans guide the classroom teachers in their work with students and clarify for all the accommodations provided for each student.
  • Review Ratner Learning Plans with parents/students and with teachers.
  • Provide school counseling services to student, parents and teachers.