Primary School

The Primary School years at The Ratner School are comprised of the 1st Grade through 4th Grade.

The Montessori philosophy influences our primary classrooms. Educational strategies are targeted to each child’s learning style and ability. The needs of the whole child – social, emotional, and academic – are respected. Ratner offers a positive, warm, safe environment that inspires exploration and risk-taking.


Our daily schedule and the mechanics of our curriculum work together to enable each child’s learning to be highly targeted and individualized. For example, on a given day half the class may go to the Science lab, allowing the two teachers in the regular classroom to each work with half of the remaining half in reading, creating reading clusters as small as 3 to 6 students. In Ratner’s Primary School, we begin with each student’s needs and strengths and then chart his or her course for the year.

Our Primary School curriculum includes Language Arts, Math, Science, Music, Art, Technology, Spanish, Library/Media, Social Studies, Physical Education, and an optional Jewish Studies program.