Kindergarten Humanities Program

The Kindergarten Humanities Program is presented to all Kindergartners within their 3 – 6 classrooms, and at times brings the Kindergarten students from all Montessori 3-6 classrooms together. Humanities is a biography/theme-based program.

Topics in the Kindergarten Humanities Program include: world cultures, exploration, invention, conservation, visual and musical arts, civil rights, state and national history, literature, poetry and life science. Biographies and themes follow the cultural calendar of the United States; for example, Native American people are studied around Thanksgiving, Marc Chagall around Hanukkah, Peter Tchaikovsky near Christmas, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. around his birth date. One of the first biographies presented is that of our pedagogical founder, Dr. Maria Montessori. Her philosophy of empowerment for the young child serves as a beacon to which the students are guided throughout the program.