After School Programs


After School Club offerings for Fall 2018 will be announced in August. Below is a list with descriptions of clubs offered in 2017-2018.

Open to Kindergarten through Grade 4
Teacher: Anjali Patel 
Students learned to use, maneuver, and complete challenges involving our Sphero robots.

Open to Grades 7 and 8
Teacher: Dom Ianiro
Students explored ancient literature, art, science, history and architecture in order to recognize the influence they have in the modern world. Latin was introduced to the students both to create a foundation for learning the language at a higher level and to build connections between English and Latin in terms of sentence structure and cognates.

Open to Grades 1-4
Teacher: Ms. Papa, ATA Academy
Taekwondo Club is led by Ms. Donna Papa, Fifth-Degree Black Belt and ATA Blackbelt Academy Cleveland Chief Instructor. Children learn focus, self-control, and perseverance through the challenges of developing Taekwondo skill.

Open to Grades 1-8
Teacher: Inlet Dance Staff
Inlet’s curriculum provides students the chance to experience the four artistic processes of creating, performing, and responding,—all in a fun and safe environment. Children explore the expressive elements of dance, learn terminology that is used to comprehend dance, gain a clearer sense of embodying dance, and being able to reflect, critique, and connect personal experiences to dance.

Open to Grades 1-4
Teacher: Dom Ianiro
Youth Athletics Clubs are led by Coach Dom, Ratner’s Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Coach. The clubs are designed for students in Primary grades to learn and practice soccer, basketball and frisbee skills, as well as provide an outlet for physical activity at the end of the school day.

Open to Kindergarten through Grade 3
Teacher: Mrs. Patel
Students complete challenges, build their own structures, or follow a Lego building plan to create one of our many kits. Special emphasis is placed on creativity and working with partners.

Open to Grades 4 – 8
Teacher: Mrs. Patel
Robotics Club is led by Science Teacher Anjali Patel. Students assemble various robot creations and learn to code Lego Mindstorm robots. Special emphasis is placed on learning to maneuver their robots in a “wrestling style” for the annual Robotics Throwdown competition. Post competition, students  learn to program their robots to compete in other challenges and games.

Open to Kindergarten through Grade 2
Teacher: Judith Eugene (Loving Hands Yoga)
Judith Eugene from Loving Hands Yoga and Reiki leads students in learning age-appropriate yoga poses, while working on achieving a calm and focused mindset.


Homework Group is an after school group that is offered from 3:40-5:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. On Tuesday and Thursday, Denise Falcon, Middle School Learning Specialist, supports the club and on Wednesdays, Pat Schwab, 5th/6th Language Arts teacher and Learning Support Specialist, supports the club.

The intention of Homework Group is to help students that need support either managing their homework, further assistance with their homework or breaking down assignments. Denise Falcon and Pat Schwab will be able to assist your child in time management of assignments, helping them understand the material, reteaching material (when possible), making sure that the homework expectation for your child are not unreasonable.

Although the intention of Homework Group is to get the bulk of the students homework completed, they still may have some work to complete at home. Additionally, please note that although Homework Group is staffed by Learning Specialists, it is not intended to be used as a private tutoring session.