Accessing Your Child’s Progress (Grades 5-8)

Each Middle School student has online access to www.engradepro.com.
There is NO NEED TO SIGN UP- your child has a free account which already exists. Click LOGIN located in the blue colored menu bar at the top right-hand corner.

USERNAME: the student’s entire name: firstlast, ALL CONNECTED AS ONE WORD (*NO SPACES or UNDERSCORES; use all lower case letters).
For example: Maria Montessori would be: mariamontessori

PASSWORD: your child will have this information. If your student forgets his/her password, please email Mr. Persanyi: .

All classes listed under each account are those which carry a percentage (some classes are ungraded and may not appear in the list of classes).

Click on the class name to get a detailed view of homework assignments, projects, and exams (among others) with respective dates, the points earned and points possible. Each student’s overall percentage will also be displayed.

MESSAGE BOARD and CALENDAR options are also available. Students can glance at upcoming due dates, previous class sessions, and/or leave messages with individual teachers (they are still welcome to email teachers using their ratnerschool.org emails).

There are a variety of features of Engrade that some teachers may choose to utilize. These include Quizzes, Flashcards, Wikis, etc. Please check with individual teachers regarding features used in their classes.