Advisory Committee

Ratner School Advisory Committee

The Ratner School Advisory Committee is comprised of parents, teachers, trustees, administrators and students and meets 10 times per year. This committee will address issues viewed as important to the school and provide recommendations to the Head of School for changes and enhancements to the educational life of the school.

Committee Members:

Chair: Michael Griffith, Head of School,

Board of Trustees Representative: Emilie Unkrich

Faculty and Staff:

Herb Ascherman

Denise Falcon

Emily Hazzard

Sarah Morin

Linda Shapero

Nadia Vinogradov-Carek


Alwyn Chao

Kristal Hawkins

Sara Manela

Karen Powell

Lee Roth

Shelli Wessler

Kimberly Chapmon-Wynne

Have an idea, question, or concern to share with the Advisory Committee? Feel free to email committee chair Mike Griffith. Additionally, we will soon offer a form you can print out and fill in to drop off in the Front Office.