A Note from Mike Griffith...

To the Ratner School Community,

I am honored to be a part of the Ratner School community, and to serve as the Head of School. There are so many things that I am looking forward to as we move forward together.

Since early winter I have had opportunities to attend the winter performance, the Kaleidoscope Gala, and Grandparent’s Day at Ratner. I was tremendously impressed by the welcome the families shared with one another and the warmth that was clearly evident in the school. Parent leaders, volunteers and staff took great care in making sure the events showcased our wonderful students, school and community.

Throughout the interviews with the Ratner Board and staff, it was so obvious that there is a deep love for the school and all connected with the Ratner community. There is a strong sense of mission throughout the school with respect to serving the needs of the individual learner. Everyone I have met with shares a commitment to making the learning experience unique in terms of each child they interact with. The deep roots and connection to Montessori learning are echoed in many of the discussions I have had with staff. The commitment to the individual learner is so consistent with what I value as an educator that I could not help being attracted to Ratner.

Ratner’s rich diversity and commitment to Jewish values is a true strength. In my visits, I observed the breadth of the students’ religious, racial, economic and ethnic backgrounds. It is clear that Ratner has developed a broad and exceptional school community. Students’ experience in the school is so much richer because of this deep commitment to diversity, and they are better prepared for success in life because of it. Ratner’s deep appreciation for the value of diversity is a part of my own beliefs, and my family’s background as well.

When I had the opportunity to visit classrooms and speak to teachers and students about their learning experiences at Ratner, I witnessed the teacher’s love for their students, passion for teaching, creativity, and the sense of ownership for learning that students embraced. This passion is inspiring to me. I can’t wait to be a part of the full experience, and to work with our staff and community partners to grow and enrich students’ learning opportunities.

Please know that my door is open! I am excited to meet each of you this year and to get to know your student and learn about the goals you have for their success, and the continued success of the school. I look forward to an excellent year for students, staff and families at the Ratner School!

Mike Griffith

Head of School